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Peronda group is a Spanish manufacturer of ceramic wall tiles and flooring that brings four brands together. One of them, Peronda, needed to find its own voice and universe while keep naming the business group.

Narita has faced the challenge of tackling this strategy and identify Peronda as a brand with its own product lines and specific values, without causing a conflict with the group ones. The communication pieces have included international fairs, catalogues, website, social media and 3D simulator.

A highly technological product materialised in designs strongly inspired by nature, urban atmosphere and culture.

The tiling technologies come to life in audiovisual pieces that reinforce both their character and particularities.

Each Peronda technology has its own hallmark. Innovative processes captured in simple illustrations.

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Peronda Group

The client

Peronda Group is a Spanish manufacturer of ceramic wall tiles and flooring with almost 200 years of experience and present in more than 100 countries. Previous to collaborate with Narita, they had already been working on making their products different by creating separate brands to improve their marketing and repercussion. That new strategy was to turn one of these brands into what had been its name for decades, Peronda, while it had to remain the name of the entire business group. Thus, Peronda Group brings four brands together nowadays, each with its qualities and distinctive style: Peronda, Museum, Harmony and Kedra. Narita was the studio selected for developing the brand Peronda.

The project

The biggest challenge when tackling this new strategy was getting Peronda to become and identify itself as a brand. That is to say, with a specific product line and values and without causing a conflict, on the other hand, with the very name of the company, Peronda Group. On a brand approach level, this new brand required building from scratch by tying it to a highly technological product, which is materialised in designs strongly inspired by nature.

The implementation

In close collaboration with the company, Narita generated on a first phase the brand comprehensive narrative on a visual and communication basis. On the one hand, Narita worked on Peronda’s defining values, based on a versatile, high quality, accurate product regarding textures. Besides, it provided many formats and details only available due to the company technological development, which gave birth to the 4D Tech concept. On the other hand, the brand found its main inspiration in nature, which required the building of scenarios specially transferred to the visual narrative under the artistic direction of Stone Designs.

With Peronda itself as product distributor and final receiver, the implementation has been requiring all kinds of media, from furniture displays to points of sale, samples and annual catalogues, website and content for social media and even simulation 3D software. It is a brand we work for continuously, checking and improving the strategy. The company also trusts us to develop the identity of Peronda Group.

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