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Onzaga manufactures and supplies aggregates and concrete and provides maintenance services and public work development. The conglomerate of companies required a reorganization of its structure to better transmit its character as a family group and facilitate the growth of new lines of business.  

Narita has created the new naming and logotype for Onzaga and generated a brand narrative that unifies activities and services and raises the brand image. The corporate identity redesign has been applied to supports, devices and work material, on the one hand, and the website, the new corporate dossier, videos and visual pieces for social networks and a company spot, on the other hand.

A unique and genuine name, without connotations and with a powerful sonority that transmits energy and strength. 

A new image and narrative to convey its experience, entrepreneurship and future projection.

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The client

The González García family has developed its business activity for four decades in the agro-livestock and construction sectors, forming a conglomerate of companies that lacked a link between them, both corporately and in terms of brand image and communication. When the second generation of the family took over the management, it undertook a reorganisation of its entire structure aimed at better transmitting its character as a family group and, at the same time, facilitating the growth of new lines of business. This brought all construction-related activities under the Onzaga umbrella brand. 

The project

Narita was in charge of creating not only the naming and logo of Onzaga, but also of generating a brand narrative that would bring together all the activities in a coherent way, in terms of corporate and commercial strategy discourse. The objective was, on the one hand, to unify activities and services and, on the other, to raise the brand image, giving the company greater potential. A new image and narrative focused on transmitting its experience, solvency, resources, high professionalism and logistic capacity, as well as its future projection.

The implementation

For the naming, we looked for a formula in which the family origin of the company would leave its mark, combining “onza” of González and “ga” of García. This is a unique and genuine name, without connotations, and with a powerful sonority that transmits energy and strength. To imprint these same values on the logo, a specific typography was created with a forceful, geometric and angular character that appealed to the group’s activity in the field of construction. 

The implementation of this new brand was carried out not only in corporate supports such as stationery, web and dossiers, but also in all devices and work material: on tarpaulins, billboards and signage in the facilities, on the fleet of vehicles, and on helmets and vests, among others. In addition, a seal with the legend “Onzaga Group - Hijos de González García” was designed to communicate the evolution of the company.

Beyond designing the new image, the creation of the new group would never have been effective if a brand and visual narrative had not been built in line with the change. This involved a thorough analysis of the values to be associated with the brand, a meticulous structuring of the services and the search for an appropriate tone of voice. It also required the creation of a photographic archive under an art direction that reflected the renewal and professionalism of the company. All this was applied to the website, the new corporate dossier, videos and visual pieces for social networks, as well as a company spot.


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