A quiet environment in the centre of Madrid

Kanso Hostel is lodging oriented to digital nomads, to whom they provide a quiet, lovely environment in the very centre of Madrid.

At Narita, we have created a visual identity and communication style in tune with the interior design, based on concepts of simplicity and minimalism to reflect Kanso Hostel’s essence and encourage a sense of belonging within this community of travellers. 

A conscious lifestyle, travelling with an inspiring purpose and the search for authentic experiences are the reasons why Kanso Hostel have become a landmark within the community of nomads in Madrid.

The coexistence of cultures, ideas and ways of living is the base of the new ways of travelling.

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The client

Nomadism has acquired a new dimension during the 21st century due to the explosive development the information and communication technologies have gone through. The new digital workplaces, as well as a more flexible mentality, open to the changing of the Z generation, have led to a new kind of nomadism voluntarily - that of the digital nomads. Their lifestyle and moving for work have also been encouraged due to the raise of working from home caused by the pandemics. Kanso Hostel is a lodging oriented to these digital nomads, which seeks to offer a quiet, lovely environment in the very centre of Madrid.

The project

At Narita, we have created the visual identity and communication style of Kanso Hostel. A proposal in tune with the interior design, conceived by the studio Stone Designs, with whom we work frequently on these kinds of projects that require comprehensive actions. Kanso means simplicity in Japanese, to get rid of what is superfluous. The design of the hostel, its graphics and communication are based on these concepts, aiming to make an impression on a community of travellers that share these values and lifestyles.

The implementation

Kanso hostel is a proposal of niche lodging for people with a simple, natural lifestyle, with a sustainable, conscious mentality, who travel with very few things and often alone. Without giving up remaining in the city centre, they are selective people that value the design of the spaces they stay, as well as the possibility to get in touch with other travellers who share their same values. The design and communication style of Kanso Hostel needed to reflect, therefore, not only these concepts in their interior design and graphics but also to encourage a sense of belonging within this community of travellers.

Simplicity and minimalism were keys in the interior design project by Stone Designs and the visual identity created by Narita, both designs connected with a sign - a crosshead, which becomes a reality both on the graphic applications as the hostel’s interior design. This simple, dynamic sign aims to instil this sense of community, of crossing paths.

On a graphic level, this crosshead accompanies the logotype of the brand Kanso Hostel, whose graphic proposal is also inspired by the vintage digital illuminated signs. But can also be flexibly applied separately on very different media and formats - from stationery to icons for social media and all kinds of merchandising objects. In addition, it is also a very powerful sign, which provides great brand coherence when it is applied by supporting the communication messages created by Narita to instil the values of this lodging - ‘Travel with a purpose’, ‘Prioritize the place, enjoy essentials’, ‘Collectives inspire change’ and ‘Smart social living’.


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