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Poliuretanos Rivas, a company based in Zaragoza and specialized in injected polyurethane foam for over 40 years, launches its new brand Bõln, furniture for contract spaces within new technology Flexyskin.

The comprehensive design of the brand and the launching strategy to the market have challenged Narita’s work. Therefore, they have generated all the necessary communication pieces, such as social media, launching event, website design and commercial documents.

A brand with Nordic connotations in line with the style of the company’s furniture collections. Soft-touch, organic essence.

Catalogue and promotional elements as tangible as its furniture. Contents as digital and innovative as its technology.

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The client

Bõln is a new furniture brand for contract spaces, whose collections are designed and produced with new technology: Flexyskin. The robust and compact pieces resulting from this polyurethane foam technology of vegetable origin present an innovative organic, colourful appearance of soft touch and comfortable rest. Developed by Poliuretanos Rivas, an industrial company specialized in injected polyurethane foam for over 40 years, Flexyskin allows hard-wearing, airtight and waterproof designs, specially made for shared spaces and outdoor environments. Besides, their surfaces have certified antifungal and antibacterial properties.

The project

Poliuretanos Rivas is a company with extensive experience in the development of industrial equipment for third parties. As a result, the launch of Bõln meant the creation of their very own brand, through which they can market those collections both designed and manufactured with Flexyskin. Narita has been in charge of the comprehensive design of Bõln as a brand and of assembling its launching strategy to the market by generating all the necessary communication pieces, from social media to the launch event.

The implementation

In order to design the brand, Narita looked for a name and graphic solution with Nordic connotations, in line with the style of the company’s furniture collections. The brand should also reflect the soft touch and the ability to generate organic designs provided by Flexyskin technology, for they are the most distinctive features of the products. After defining the brand, Narita developed additional applications for the corporate identity and specified the narrative style regarding both the company and the technology.

In this first stage, the implementation of the Bõln brand also included designing the website and other commercial documents, such as catalogues, technical datasheet and dossiers. To do so, Narita took over the art direction of the photographic material of the collection together with Stone Designs, the studio responsible for designing the first Bõln product lines. Likewise, Narita produced clips and specific pieces for digital media and social media. The implementation of this strategy is still in progress, as the company needs news application as their finding their place in the market after the launch in November 2020.

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