The essence of the land at the service of brand repositioning

B.lux is a manufacturer of modern design lighting systems located in the Basque Country. Due to its international growth process, the brand needed repositioning, both on a graphic and communication level plus narrative and art direction.

Narita starts this process by binding the brand with design, innovation and quality, while also developing its narrative to add the commitment to the environment. The result includes redesigning the corporate identity, web design, catalogues, renovation of audiovisual material and documentation of processes.

Repositioning both on graphics and communication. Bringing the narrative to all media to display its unique value.

Renovating the audiovisual material. Collecting processes and structures to take the product to a higher level.

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Grupo B.lux

The client

B.lux is a company located in the Basque Country, specialised in manufacturing modern design lighting systems. Since its foundation in 1980, they have opted to work with external designers who could add a differential, competitive value to their products on the international market. Highly committed to sustainable, eco-friendly development within their environment, it is a company that manufactures in their headquarters in Biscay, which allows offering quality, flexibility and customisation on their lighting systems very appreciated by interior designers and architects. Their catalogue includes decorative proposals and settings for architectural projects and outdoor lighting.

The project

Due to the growth experienced by B.lux in the international arena, the company set out the necessity of developing a repositioning process regarding both brand and communication. That would aim to improve and differentiate the company’s values and the style of its lighting systems catalogue. Besides a graphic change of the brand, it also involves changing the narrative and the design of all its media and communication applications, not to forget the art direction of audiovisual material.

The implementation

The first step was rethinking the brand after analysing B.lux’s strengths and values as a company by bringing them towards several concepts, such as design, innovation, quality and taste for details. Narita’s first action was to create customised typography for B.lux instead of opting for an existent one, a distinguishing attribute as a reflection of all those concepts. At the same time, the brand narrative has been developed by adding some other values, like the company’s commitment to its surroundings at a cultural, environmental and sustainable development level.

The entire strategy gets gradually implemented, verified and improved, which includes the corporate identity development and the design of the website, catalogues and dossiers. Due to its magnitude, it should be pointed out the company’s audiovisual material renovation by Narita. That includes photographs of the products in a real setting, documentation of facilities and production processes, and also contents for social media.


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