Olive oil collected at 555 metres above sea level 

Terraverne is a group of olive growers with an olive mill in Tea (Malaga). From their olive groves at 555 metres above sea level, they have launched a selection of premium oils for the domestic and international markets. 

Narita understands the importance of the altitude of these olive groves, which is a key factor in the quality of the oil, as the core of the brand storytelling and the basis of the whole project: brand and seal, packaging, graphics, colour palette, a website with an online store, commercial materials, displays for gourmet stores and merchandising elements.

An oil with its own quality seal and geographical distinction. Singularity and premium character in a high altitude olive grove. 

Turquoise, yellow and a twilight orange. Mediterranean-inspired tones for an interior oil with a sea view.

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AOVE 555

The client

Terraverne is a group of olive growers with an olive mill in the municipality of Teba, in the province of Malaga, whose unique selling point is that their olive groves are located 555 metres above sea level. The altitude at which an olive grove is located is a determining factor in the quality of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO, or AOVE in Spanish), since it increases the levels of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. Taking this particularity into account, and selecting their best production of Picual, Arbequina and Hojiblanca varieties, they decided to launch a selection of premium oils, aimed at both the domestic and international markets.

The project

The understanding of the importance of the influence of altitude of Terraverne’s olive groves on the final quality of its oils led Narita to propose a brand that would highlight this differential factor which, at the same time, is not well known. In addition, the packaging was designed to convey both this uniqueness and its premium quality. The 555 brand was born, therefore, from the identification of a key factor used to build a storytelling of value on which the entire design project is based: from the brand and its seal, to the packaging, graphics and colour palette.

The implementation

The creation of a seal that identifies the product with a crop at a certain altitude is one of the essential elements of the identity proposed by Narita, since it does not function in itself as a brand, but accompanies it in a decisive way, reinforcing the product’s value and quality. The seal includes the formula “olivar de altura” (high altitude olive grove), which brings a play on words in Spanish that refers simultaneously to both the altitude and the premium character.

In a nod to the world of wine, where the altitude of vineyards is often referred to, Narita opted for a glass bottle as a container, with a long neck that also contributes to better precision when decanting the oil. As EVOO must be protected from light, the bottle is lacquered in white, a surface on which its elegant two-colour graphics are then silk-screened, with subtle line-drawn illustrations of olive trees.

Teba’s unique location (an area in the interior of Malaga, but very close to the coast) was put into context through the design, through the chromatic range applied to each variety. Mediterranean-inspired tones were chosen: the turquoise of the water in broad daylight, the yellow of a low sun and a twilight orange reflected in the sea. All of this was applied to the website with online store, commercial materials, displays for gourmet stores and merchandising elements. 


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