New image and narrative that is more in line with Prinza’s evolution.

Prinza is a building company that specialises in luxury homes, civil works, restorations and alterations. They work in the area of Marbella and other nearby villages and towns on the Costa del Sol.

After twenty years in this business, the company needed to update its corporate identity and ensure its marketing materials would portray the high quality and work standards they’d achieved over the years.

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Narita redesigned their brand, which dated back to the 90s, with a view to ensuring that its stationery, dossiers and marketing materials would show the modern style and excellent quality the company is providing. To do so, Narita also suggested a new artistic production for the photo and documentary gallery showcasing Prinza’s work, which would increase people’s appreciation of their building work with excellent finishes. This new approach also required changing the narrative to express the company’s present style and activity.

With new photographic and audiovisual materials, which was more suited to an architectural service company than a building company, Narita designed a corporate presentation with a more professional and direct language that would also be perceived as fresh and dynamic. All this was then used for all of Prinza’s corporate materials and marketing media and to decorate its new offices. The corporate presentation received a Luxury Advertising Award and an Anuaria Selección award.


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Eugenio Jiménez

Fabián Suárez

Juanje Molina

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