Playing with colours and transparencies for an ephemeral installation

My Tokyo was a temporary exhibition at the CS Design Center in the city, where the Japanese company Nakagawa Chemical wanted to show the decorative versatility of its Iromizu vinyl decals.

The Spanish studio, Stone Designs, took care of its design: an installation inspired by its personal view of the city’s urban landscape, which Narita then transferred to a graphic image.

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Year 2016 © NARITA & STONE

My Tokyo


To design My Tokyo’s display, the Madrid-based studio, Stone Designs, found inspiration in the city’s urban aesthetics and architecture. This installation expressed Tokyo’s architectural style, the colour and the contrasts through a geometric synthesis of its urban landscape, playing with the many shades, transparencies and textures of the Iromizu vinyl decals.

Narita came up with a graphic image that matched Stone Designs’ design. Therefore, both the logo and the set of uses showed the variety of colours, transparencies and textures of the vinyl decals, as well as the architectural and urban character of the installation. The display did not only require us to create a graphic image, but also its use on marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, adverts and digital publications.


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