Style inspired by social media food trends

Martonela is an ice-cream shop franchise that makes its own smooth ice-creams every day using traditional methods and fresh, local, in-season ingredients.

Narita designed the graphics and visual narrative of this innovative franchise with the slow philosophy and these were applied to the spaces and to the website, and the campaigns launched to draw in franchisees.

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Martonela’s flagship is its ice-creams made with traditional methods and fresh natural ingredients every day. But it’s much more than that: its menu offers many ways of enjoying their ice-creams: with waffles, pancakes and crepes; in a cone, tub or sandwich; with fruit or toppings in a glass; as a slush-puppy or smoothie...

Narita developed, on the one hand, a visual proposal of videos and photos with a very fresh style linked to current foods trends, especially on social media. Extremely tempting images that showed the smoothness and natural properties of its ice-creams and of all the other food products on Martonela’s menu. On the other hand, Narita worked on the brand and graphics based on typographics and pictures with an equally relaxed and casual style.

We then transferred this combination to all the corporate media and the franchises. From the website to all the materials required for the campaigns to draw in franchisees, as well as stands, videos and presentations. It was also applied to the ice-cream shops-makers and the lettering on boards with the menu or suggestions.


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Mamen Chaves

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