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Mario Padial is a master chocolatier who was born in Valencia and works on his own creations and for the most innovative chefs, creating exclusive desserts.

Having a bakery in Valencia, he decided to expand to Seoul and asked Narita to design visual materials that would portray his style and the sensory experience of his creations.

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Year 2019 © NARITA

Mario Padial


For the opening of his first bakery in Seoul, Mario Padial, entrusted Narita with the creation of a concept, narrative and production of a video that would be played during the opening event and should convey the essence and innovative style of his work.

To do so, Narita suggested an artistic production with a highly sensory and cinematographic feel, using close-ups, theatre lights and slow motion scenes of the master chocolatier and his processes. The visuals were tied, by a voice-over, to emotions and moving life experiences and to Mario Padal’s distinctive trompe l’oeils.

This required an in-depth understanding of his work and methods. Narita also took care of the artistic production and the photos for the product catalogue of the Seoul bakery.


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