Strategy to boost consumption

Maxxium Spain wanted to boost the consumption of its Larios gin in Madrid. To do so, Narita proposed the launch of a special edition and campaign for the LGTB Pride festivities.

The strategy involved creating a bespoke sleeve and a campaign that included ad hoc merchandise to be distributed on the streets. All this was conceived in a way that would encourage people to share it on social media.

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Year 2015 © NARITA

Larios MADO


For the first stage, Narita took care of designing the sleeve for the Larios 12 bottle, mixing pictures of popular icons in Madrid and relevant places along the LGTB Pride parade.

The proposal was tested among distributors, for which we created specific commercial kits. The response was so positive that we decided to also activate a multi-media campaign that included from motion graphics for marketing and social media, to free merchandise distributed on the streets where the LGTB Pride parade took place. Likewise, Narita created the #orgullososdemadrid (#proudofmadrid) claim that was included in all pieces as a hashtag to have a wider impact and spread the campaign all over social media.

You can see a similar design we did of DYC 8, also for Maxxium Spain, here.


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