The Foundation’s own identity but still linked to the bank

Fundación Unicaja, one of the most important bank foundations in Andalusia, publishes an annual report to summarise and highlight all the activities carried out within its different action areas. 

For its design, Narita wanted to provide the foundation with its own character, but keeping its association with the bank. The proposal was applied to both the printed and digital formats.

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Year 2018 © NARITA

Fundación Unicaja


The Fundación Unicaja’s annual activity report is one of the entity’s key instruments for its reputation and transparency. It compiles all its actions during the reported year and has a significant circulation at an institutional, social and business level. Its design and printing are planned in great detail and this was entrusted to Narita for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 reports.

This picture shows the 2017 report, which was published with a very strict sustainability goal. This is why its design aimed to ensure an efficient use of paper and ink from the very start. We also made a digital version to be consulted interactively and reduce the print run.

The printed version, with its rustic coptic binding and a sleeve with the die cut logo, feels like a signature book. Another special aspect of its design are the separate parts customised by Narita for each of the Foundation’s activities to clearly tell each section apart.


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