An illustrated sleeve with a complex fit on the bottle  

After the success of the special editions designed by Narita for the Malaga Fairs and the Cadiz Carnivals, Whisky DYC decided to launch a similar promotion for four Castilian fiestas.

The Segovia-based distillery wished to pay tribute to the local fiestas of Cuellar, Cuenca, Valladolid and Avila, with an 8-year DYC edition wrapped in a sleeve that was illustrated with iconography of the towns and their fiestas.

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To choose the iconography, Narita fully immersed itself into the architecture, traditions and customs of each town and their fiestas. It chose the most remarkable elements of each place and their celebrations in order to design a continuous illustrated sleeve.

The hardest part of this design was making sure that this continuous collection of illustrations on the sleeve fitted the bottle perfectly and this involved an extremely tight control of its complex production process.

Therefore, by setting four bottles in a row, slightly turned, we got a view of the full picture. The design looked great on supermarket shelves and on bars and at events. Besides the sleeve, Narita also designed videos and audiovisual material for the marketing campaign of these special editions.


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