A refillable bottle that is only available at the Victoria brewery

Victoria is an iconic brewery in Malaga that was founded in 1928. It is now part of the Damm group and its facilities also serve as a cultural space. 

As a production site that is open to the public and offers guided tours, the company asked Narita to redesign an iconic old bottle that would only be available at this site.

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Year 2018 © NARITA

Cerveza Victoria


sold in the 50s as a shareable format. Its vintage mechanical top meant that it could be refilled. This would only be sold at the new brewery facilities for visitors or local consumers.

Keeping the identity of the original bottle, Narita updated the design of its label by creating a new typography and generally improving its look, but still printing onto the bottle directly as in the old times.

The glass used also allows customers to see the type of beer inside, without having to specify it on the label. This way, the company didn’t need to produce different bottles for each beer, which was unnecessary as the product was not going to be sold on shop shelves, only refilled.


Fabián Suárez

Mateo García

Raúl Gómez


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