Narrative and graphics that blend local and urban cultures

B_Lounge is a space in the Barceló Malaga Hotel that is a casual bar, open to all. A meeting point for both the hotel guests and Malaga’s residents. 

It also has direct access to the María Zambrano AVE station as it’s in the same complex, and therefore welcomes travellers to the city.

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Year 2017 © NARITA



With a casual and urban style, the Barceló hotel chain wanted the B_Lounge design to portray the cosmopolitan character that has distinguished Malaga for the past few years, but they also wanted it to suit the hotel’s location, right in the heart of the city and by an important transport hub. To achieve this, Narita made a proposal that tackled the graphic identity of the bar and space, but also included an ad hoc narrative that would serve as introduction to the city.

On the one hand, the brand was designed with typography that would show the urban and casual style of the bar, also used for all the lettering and signs in the space. On the other hand, we developed a narrative that would convey both the cultural heritage of such a historical city and its current cosmopolitan status. This is especially visible in the menu design that combines pictures of traditional scenes and visits to the old part of the city with pictures of modern dishes. Also, both the menu and the drinks list include facts about the local food and customs for visitors to learn what an ajoblanco is and how to ask for a coffee, with notes that look handwritten.


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Fabián Suárez

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