Inspired by the look of Victoria’s cultural space

The Victoria brewery in Malaga has a space that is open to the public and offers such a wealth of events that it has become one of the most important culture venues in the city.

The theatre-like feel of this space inspired Narita in the creation of this APOS (advertising at the point of sale), transferring the remarkable design of the Victoria brewery to the point of sale.

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Year 2016 © NARITA

APOS for Cerveza Victoria


For the display, we took the red V for Victoria that the brewery occasionally uses as the synthesis of its logo and we added lights like a Hollywood vanity mirror. This design was applied to the entire logo that dominated the stage in the cultural space. This way, the APOS worked as if we had brought a piece of the brewery to the point of sale.

Made with a metal plate in textured matt red, this light display doesn’t need cables or access to a nearby socket, as its led lights work with a rechargeable battery. This means that its position at the point of sale, whether a bar or a supermarket, is much more efficient and functional.

We work with Cervezas Victoria frequently. Take a look at this other design we did for a special edition of a Vintage bottle.


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