How to highlight foodstuff to get a PDO

In Spain, there are only two olive varieties with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO): the Aloreña from Malaga and the one from Majorca. The PDO is a quality label given by the European Union to protect foodstuff.

Narita helped its regulatory board to highlight the product and designed the documentation on its qualities and processing to apply for the Protected Designation of Origin.

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Aloreña olive


The key to getting a Protected Designation of Origin is having a high-quality product that is linked to a geographical area and a specific processing. Without this, it will be almost impossible to highlight the reasons a foodstuff deserves this protection. Likewise, without the right marketing strategy, it will be very hard to clearly stress the values, quality and processing of a foodstuff in a way that will secure the PDO.

Narita accompanied the regulatory board of the Aloreña olive along this process, producing arguments and photographic materials that would portray the qualities of this olive, its growing and harvesting methods and the way it is dressed. This entire strategy was reflected in the documents required to apply for the PDO, which was indeed granted.

After getting the PDO, Narita has continued to work with the regulatory board to design its label, the product packaging and any types of media that became necessary to raise awareness of this product across distribution channels, tasting shows, food associations and institutions.


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