Strategy to strengthen the brand’s global narrative

Peronda Group is a Spanish business that specialises in ceramic flooring and tiles. It has four product brands with different styles: Peronda, Museum, Harmony and Kedra.

To produce certain products in these four brands, they use an innovative technology that needed to be highlighted for it to stand out in all the catalogues.

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Peronda Group uses an innovative 4D technology to make certain products included in the catalogues for each brand. This technology produces fantastic textures, designs and formats, and has many other qualities. With this technology, the company produces top-quality products for which they wanted to raise awareness and advertise strategically.

To do so, Narita proposed a brand that would also serve as a label to be easily added to the catalogues of each brand and identify the products made with this new technology. This is how 4D Tech came to life.

Narita took care of creating the name and the graphics, style and label. We built an elegant and powerful visual narrative around it, highlighting the richer textures we find in nature. Based on this, we created promotional videos, brochures, visual material for social media and pictures of spaces decorated with the products made with this technology. A proposal that has also contributed to strengthen the company’s global narrative.


Alfonso Fiz

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Eugenio Jiménez

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